Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Basket to Easter Table

While I was acting as the Easter Bunny and doing the shopping for my kids Easter baskets at Target, it struck me, that I could re-use ALL of the "junk" I was buying to set the table for our Easter brunch.  Suddenly, the "junk" became a treasure and buying all the Easter themed goodies didn't seem such a short lived waste.  For under $75 I got 2 baskets full of goodies and EVERYTHING I would need to set my table.  Here's what it will look like next Sunday morning:

In addition to the purchases I made at Target, I used my Easter egg PlaceTiles and my beaded round PlaceTiles, my china and silver, and some daffodils that were growing in my neighborhood.  I filled the basket with the bags from target and covered those with Easter basket grass.  Then I filled it in with plastic eggs and easter candy.  

I used the remainder of the Easter grass as a placemat for the China, to nest under my PlaceTiles, and to decorate my egg and jelly bean displays at  the corners of each table. 

The vase PlaceTiles were filled with daffodils, and I set up the candy and toys around the basket in the center of the table.  I also used the chocolate bunnies as additional decor at opposite corners of the table.  

I set it all up, took the pictures and tore it all down in under an hour, which is good news since I won't be able to set the real Easter brunch table until after my kids find their Easter baskets that morning.  The added bonus of using their Easter loot, is that hopefully my guests will help eat the candy because, Lord knows my kids don't need any more suger in their diet!!!

This is a guest post by Molly White, an avid fan of PlaceTile Designs.

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